Empowering employees with modern workplace solutions

The modern workplace isn’t just an office anymore, employees today expect to be able to work securely in their own home, at the airport, or even at a café, and they demand devices and systems that allow this while still presenting a premium experience. Microsoft’s modern workplace solutions support this by allowing seamless communication and collaboration from anywhere while still maintaining a high level of security, no matter the device or location.

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Productivity and cybersecurity for small business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium with its world class productivity tools is a wise choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, Microsoft 365 Business Premium safeguards your data, devices and information. You are your organization’s first and best defense against hackers and cyberattackers, including random individuals, organized crime, or highly sophisticated nation states.

Transform your enterprise with Microsoft 365

Connect and empower every employee, from the office to the frontline worker, with a Microsoft 365 solution that enhances productivity and drives innovation.

Microsoft 365 E3 provides the best-in-class productivity apps combined with core security and compliance capabilities for your enterprise. Partners choose Microsoft 365 E3 to access the best in productivity and collaboration. While re-assuring administrators who want to be assured they are operating in a secure and compliant environment.

Microsoft 365 E5 takes the best-in-class productivity apps and advanced security, compliance, voice and analytical capabilities for your enterprise. E5 brings you the most feature packed suites of the Microsoft 365, bringing an integrated phone system and audio conferencing into the mix.

Elevate your security with Defender for Business

Defender for Business is a new endpoint security solution designed especially for the small- and medium-sized business (up to 300 employees). With this endpoint security solution, your company's devices are better protected from ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats.

The way we work has changed

Employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device, and they put a high premium on work that enriches and fulfills them. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience, they’re happier, more valuable, and more likely to stay. Companies need to provide that empowerment, but they also need to protect vital IT assets. It’s a fundamental operational change for your customers—and an opportunity for you.

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